The Dharma House is a multidisciplinary healing arts center, pleased to announce its grand opening at 1970 West Dublin-Granville Road in Columbus, Ohio.    Local artists showcase some of their best visual arts in our two-level studio. The space is oriented to help members find a path to personal freedom and live with purpose. We offer sound healing, reiki, a sweat lodge, unique workshops, group meditation, coaching, and several forms of yoga for self-discovery, exploration, and development. Each offering is uniquely and thoughtfully designed to empower individuals to explore greater possibilities for themselves.

The space was created to truly feel like home – a place for the community to gather and co-create. A forested ravine dips down beneath the back patio and the trickle of a stream creates an idyllic soundscape. A traditional sweat lodge sits beside a stone fire pit. Indoors floor to ceiling windows allows you to feel like you’re in nature.

Dharma House founder Aaron King has brought a new Yoga experience to Columbus.  .  The centerpiece class at Dharma House is Candlelight Nude Yoga. Offered on Friday evenings at 7:00 pm, Nude Yoga is a mindfulness-based Vinyasa flow practiced sans clothing. It's blazing the trail in New York and L.A., and now Columbus can experience the rave.  This transformative process is about stripping away (pun intended) your greatest fears and vulnerabilities.  In just 75 minutes, novice and advanced yogis alike, build courage around being free, open, and transparent in a way that translates to all parts of life.  Yoga taps into spirituality, builds physical agility, and increases physical strength…nude yoga allows us to deepen and expand that experience. 

King created The Dharma House to assist people in stepping into their power. Using that power to create the life that we know we deserve and to be of service to fellow human beings. King is devoted to growing the Dharma House into “A place where you can consciously explore who you are and what you want to put into life. To work with what you uncover and live more authentically. We have so much more to share with you. For more information call 614-344-8409 or email us at