At the Dharma House we help people seeking health, and for some, wholeness. Through tools like yoga, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, we equip our community with tools and practices that increase resilience, reduce stress, and help you access latent power and hidden potential. Most people think of Yoga as exercise, but good posture and a strong body are by-products of the practice. We offer group sessions but focus on individualized plans and personal instruction. Our community includes those who feel stressed, overwhelmed, or the need for change in their lives but can't tap in to what or how. Others in our community are looking to expand healthy habits and attitudes, or to strengthen their mental and physical development. Whether you're beginning the journey towards better health and wholeness or expanding those horizons, we're excited to help you deepen into your power.

Your Dharma (purpose of your unique gifts and talents) becomes more evident as you discover you.