Gain clarity. Come enjoy a cup of tea, take a seat, focus the mind, and begin your day with purpose. Embrace the present moment through 30 mins of breathing exercises and mindfulness practices. Train your mind to deepen your consciousness and to reach inner peace. No experience is necessary.



Monthly Unlimited Meditation     $30

Drop -In     $10

     2 hr Intro to Meditation Workshop     $50        (Includes 1st Month of Basic Membership)



Yoga (Asana)

To us, practicing Asana alone and calling it yoga is like taking a kickboxing class and expecting it to prepare you for the ring. We offer instruction and guidance in all 8 limbs of the practice and the teacher-student relationship is at the heart of what we do. We believe that yoga is accessible to anyone and work with people from all walks of life, with varying levels of ability.  


Monthly Unlimited Meditation and Yoga     $79

Drop -In     $20


Dharma (Private Sessions)

Top level performers, from athletes to CEOs use the guidance of a good coach to help them reach thier goals. Let us help you. We offer comprehensive, affordable 1-on-1 coaching. Our plan is to provide you with tools to forge your own path (Dharma) physically, mentally and emotionally ready to face the challenges in route to your greatest success.


Dharma Membership           $249

2 Weekly 30 min Coaching or Meditation sessions with unlimited Monthly Meditation

Dharma Unlimited Member   $399

2 Weekly 1 hour Private Yoga Sessions with unlimited Group Meditation & Yoga